CAVU Aerospace UK Ltd

AirB m-15

AirB m-15 is a tabletop micro Air-bearing system that simulates the conditions of the space environment with near- frictionless motion environment with 360-degree rotation about one axis (yaw rotation) about 35-degree around two other axis (Roll and Pitch), which contains a platform with balancing mechanism, and a hemispherical air bearing with its support. A perfect tool for aerospace education and research environment among other usage.

Built on industry-leading technologies and edge expertise in Sweden, and tested in Japan and Switzerland, AirB m-15 is designed and developed to bring optimal and unparalleled performance to related industrial and educational applications.


Satellite attitude studies
Space technology R&D
Floating simulations
Applied engineering
Scientific education
General workshops


The air bearing and balancing platform are both made of a non-ferrous material, which does not interfere with the magnetic field.


Supports up to 15kg load
Supports maximum operating pressure of 3 bar
Made of non-ferrous material
No magnetic field interference
Provides low moment of inertia
Provides XY axis ±35˚ motion range
Provides Z axis ±360˚ motion range
Three platform models (sizes)


Easy setup
Easy installation
Standard connections
Low maintenance


One (1) hemispherical air bearing
One (1) air bearing support platform
One (1) rotation platform
Four (4) balancing mechanisms


Carrying Capacity : Up to 15kg
Bearing Noise: Insignificant
Temperature Sensitivity: Operates over wide range of temperatures
Size: Height 32cm
Model A Platform Diameter: 20cm
Model B Platform Diameter: 30cm
Model C Platform Diameter: 40cm
Weight: ≤ 6.5kg
Durability: ≥ 7 years