CAVU Aerospace UK Ltd


Proposed Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) over Space 

We offer innovative solutions for implementing IoT in space, leveraging advanced technology to connect and control devices remotely.

Telecommunication Services during Crisis and System Outages 

telecommunication services ensure uninterrupted connectivity even during crises, providing reliable communication when you need it most.
Our company has developed a scenario where ground stations send their data to satellites. This data is then sent back to Earth and used at the central station for analysis. Alerts are sent to users as needed. In the event of a command from users, commands are sent to the central station via satellite for ground terminals. Also, necessary guidance and control commands for changes in terminals, for example, changing the satellite database or frequencies in use, are sent to the terminals via the central station. This method is based on smart services and all stations operate automatically. Also, the satellite guidance system is based on artificial intelligence.

Remote Sensing Services over Space IoT 

Through defined satellite data and sensors installed in the area of interest, we provide real-time monitoring of various locations. We also provide a suitable database for future processing and decision-making for users. Services in this section include monitoring water volume, humidity, temperature, fire, and the presence of various elements near the sensor, leakage rate of water, oil, gasoline, and gas transmission pipes, and more.

Data Collection from Crisis-prone Areas and Database Creation for Prevention 

We collect data from areas prone to crises and establish a database for preventive measures. This aids in reducing risks and enhancing safety. An artificial intelligence-based system with deep learning capabilities can process the collected data and execute all necessary processes for area management.

Data Collection and Operations Execution with Space IoT System 

Our Space IoT system includes a satellite system, sensors installed on the ground, a network of necessary sensors, data collection ports and sending to the satellite, and data collection and sending to the ground.

Creating Emergency Charging Capability Wirelessly during Crisis

Skycharge is our fundamental solution.
It provides wireless charging from space
transfers electrical energy from space to Earth
creates uninterrupted operations
fully supports and powers crisis-stricken areas.