CAVU Aerospace UK Ltd

High Reliable Embedded System Design


The CAVU CDH-1 is a highly reliable and efficient FPGA-based satellite computing system that has been designed with utmost attention to detail. This state-of-the-art system ensures smooth and uninterrupted operation during critical space missions with its flexible architecture that allows for easy scalability and redundancy. The CDH-1 is also equipped with a smart 128CH Analog to Digital Converter card that enhances its capabilities and makes it a top choice for space operations.


  • Flash Based FPGA Architecture
    Separate ADC/DAC Module
  • Double Hot Redundant ADC Converters
  • Confifgurable to more than 1 Module as Redundant: CDH-FS
  • Up to 3 Selectable Boot Regions from Bootloader
  • Fully Customizable


With precise timing, high throughput, and low power consumption, this powerful computer system can withstand a variety of space
environments and guarantee smooth running of your satellite payload. Its advanced features provide automatic system recovery and self-diagnosis, which ensure that your deep-space mission stays on track. With the CAVU CDH-1, you can focus on your space operations and rest assured that your satellite computing needs are in good hands.


The CAVU CDH-1 spacecraft module, utilizing advanced Microchip/Microsemi SmartFusion2 & ProASIC3 Flash Based FPGA design, is resilient to space hazards and energy-efficient. It’s designed to meet the intricate needs of the satellite industry, offering precise control for satellite systems and supporting a wide range of interfaces and GPIOs. The module allows customization to meet unique specifications, representing the forefront of satellite technology.


  • Expected Life-time: 3-5 years in LEO
  • On-Board Current & Temperature Monitoring
  • On-Board Watchdog
  • Triple Real Time Clock
  • Hot Redundant On-Board Voltage Converters


  • Microchip/Microsemi SmartFuion2 Flash Based FPGA
  • ARM Cortex-M3 on FPGA
  • Microsemi ProASIC3 Flash Based FPGA for Interaface
  • FPU on FPGA Upon Request
  • 150 DMIPS @ 128MHz, Max 166MHz
  • SoftConsole or Keil Programming IDE and Debug via JTAG


  • RAM: 160Mbits MRAM 40 bits width (128Mbits+32Mbits ECC)
  • ROM: 96Mbits MRAM (Congurable as Triple 32Mbits)
  • Nonvolatile Flash Memory:
    • Total 24Gbit SLC NAND Flash (Triple 8G)
    • 256K Serial FRAM
    • 256M Serial NOR


  • Radiation Hardness:
    • Total Ionizing Dose: 30Krad (Si)/yr
    • Latch-up Immune
    • SEE @ 60MeV
  • Temperature & Pressure: -40 C to +85 C @ 10-8 bar
  • Shocks: 2000g, 2000-10000Hz
  • Random Vibrations: 14g(RMS) 3-Axis , 20~2000Hz


    • Digital Outputs (5V/3.3V) : 100
    • Digital Inputs (5V/3.3V) : 90
    • PWM/Pulse Outputs (5V/3.3V) : 10
    • ADC (-10V~+10V) : 128CH 16-bit, (+20V Range Available)
    • DAC (0V~5V) : 2CH 8-bit
  • Serial Interfaces:
    • CAN2.0 Up to 1Mbps: 5
    • Full-Duplex RS422: 8
    • Half-Duplex RS485: 8
    • RS232:1
    • I2C: 1
    • SPI: 1


  • Dimensions: 205x180x38mm
  • Mass: 1550gr
  • Power Supply: 5V ±5%, Custom Range Available
  • Power Consumption: 3W ~ 5W