CAVU Aerospace UK Ltd

Nano Satellite Design and Manufacture

The increasing use of satellites and the associated high launch costs have spurred efforts to reduce satellite mass. Today, many satellite missions are carried out by nano and pico mass class satellites (under 10 kg). This class includes various types of satellites, notably CubeSat and PhoneSat satellites. CubeSats, as the name suggests, are cubic in shape, with standard units measuring 10 x 10 x 11.35 cm and a maximum mass of 1.3 kg per unit. PhoneSat satellites leverage mobile phone technologies for their construction and launch.
CubeSat construction standards allow for the assembly of up to 27 cubic units, with a maximum mass of 40 kg assigned to one CubeSat. The dimensions can also be halved to create PocketQube satellites.
The types of nano-class satellites built and launched, as well as forecasts based on countries’ programs, demonstrate the global recognition of the benefits of CubeSats and their widespread use.

In addition to the aforementioned image, the launch statistics for Nano-satellites can be visualized in the adjacent image. To date, there have been 1,684 Nano-satellites launched globally, encompassing nearly 4,000 units of CubeSat satellites. The presence of subsystems such as propulsion, found in 86 of these satellites, underscores the practical implementation of orbit maintenance for this class of satellites.

The CAVU mission design team has identified the requirements of organizations and institutions, and is initially focused on defining cost-effective missions using CubeSats for our clients. Backed by the seasoned technical team of CAVU-affiliated companies, we possess the capability to design, construct, and operate CubeSat satellites. Our base platform, designed in 3U dimensions, can be rapidly built and deployed. Furthermore, essential subsystems of this CubeSat, including electrical power, onboard computer, telecommunications, and structures, have been developed at CAVU and have successfully undergone rigorous testing.

– Attitude determination and control subsystem
– Electric power supply subsystem
– Structure and mechanism subsystem
– Data and command management subsystem
– Thermal control subsystem
– propulsion subsystem
– Telecommunication subsystem
– Telecommunication and measurement shipments
At CAVU, our understanding of the design, construction, and testing of these subsystems is grounded in industry standards. Our experienced management team, in collaboration with the innovative and youthful teams of CAVU-affiliated companies, enables the in-house production of CubeSats and their components, such as the POD CubeSat Deployer system. If necessary, we can collaborate with our foreign partners to provide foreign supply and launch services, or undertake joint domestic and foreign construction projects. We also offer the transfer of technical knowledge to our valued clients.