CAVU Aerospace UK Ltd




Mining, Oil & Gas

We understand, intimately, the needs of these industries and will work with you deliver your oversize and complex loads to some of the remotest parts of the planet.

Automotive Parts

If you are looking to move fully assembled vehicles or small components, we can provide the right aircraft for the right mission. Contact us and we can help.

Aerospace & Space

Out of this world levels of service to help with AOG issues or moving parts such as engines to cockpit components, we are here for you. Rockets or satellites? Contact us.

Equine & Ungulates

We arrange for the safe and humane transport of all sorts of animals, from hatchling chicks to cattle and racehorses. Contact us to discuss all your needs and get a quote.

Aircraft Leasing

We have a selection of aircraft to meet all your requirements


We provide a wide variety of Services to clients:

Airport Development
Airport Services
Air transport industry business planning
Air transport industry financial services
Airline and Air Carrier Operations
Airline consultancy
Airline route planning services
Air carrier operational audits
Air carrier operational standards appraisals
Airline training
Airline & Airport personnel sourcing
Air operator technical services design
Aircraft management services
Aircraft acceptance
Aircraft asset management
Sales marketing services
Aircraft lease management
Aviation information technology solutions
EASA OPS publications
Aircraft technical management services
Airline personnel placement
Operator default management
Flight documentation services
Flight operations administration support
IT system design project management
Aircraft recovery services
Aircraft refurbishment
Aircraft brokering
Aircraft sales and remarketing
Aircraft sourcing
Aircraft Evaluation and Comparative Studies
Aircraft delivery, asset recovery, ferrying

We are chosen because we provide world-class services

We have invested in building an experienced team to take care of any of your freight needs, whether that be via air, road, sea or train. With our advanced network and the help of our partners, we have a global reach, enabling us to ship to over 250+ locations worldwide.
4 branch offices
45+ countries
30+ years’ of experience