CAVU Aerospace UK Ltd

OBC1-Tester for OBC-1 Onboard Computer


The OBC1-Tester is a comprehensive solution designed for the OBC-1 onboard computer. It enables thorough validation and diagnostics of all interfaces and functionalities, ensuring reliable performance for space missions. Ideal for pre-flight validation, functional testing, and quality assurance, it supports a wide range of digital and analog interfaces.

The CDH-Tester enables thorough validation of the CDH system, testing all communication interfaces and performance metrics. With automated test scripts and detailed reports, it ensures the CDH system’s reliability and robustness for space missions.

The OBCM-Tester facilitates efficient testing of OBCM modules, verifying all interfaces and functionalities. It supports multiple communication protocols and provides automated test procedures, enhancing reliability and reducing testing time for space mission readiness.

The Cube-Tester is designed for comprehensive testing of CubeSat OBCs, ensuring all interfaces and functionalities are verified. It supports a range of interface protocols and automated test procedures, providing detailed diagnostic reports and enhancing the reliability and readiness of CubeSat systems for space missions.

AirB m-15 is a tabletop micro Air-bearing system that simulates the conditions of the space environment with near- frictionless motion environment with 360-degree rotation about one axis (yaw rotation) about 35-degree around two other axis (Roll and Pitch), which contains a platform with balancing mechanism, and a hemispherical air bearing with its support. among other usage.