CAVU Aerospace UK Ltd


CAVU AEROSPACE UK will be a leading company in the aerospace industry, established in 2017. This company was established from the combination of previous companies to develop the space and aviation industry. The company is strategically located in the Stirling University Innovation Park, a hub of innovation and technology.
The company specializes in the manufacturing of satellite systems and subsystems, with a production line that includes 8 different satellite components. This expertise allows CAVU AEROSPACE UK to contribute significantly to the advancements in satellite technology.
CAVU AEROSPACE UK is also at the forefront of new space generation technologies with their Idea Centre. Here, they focus on the development of Skycharge Technology and the deployment of a pico satellite constellation for IoT missions. These initiatives highlight the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology.
In addition to Space Vision, this company is setting up an Avionics Repair-shop offering a wide range of services. These include 145 & 21 MRO Services – RTS, Parts Supply, Aircraft Maintenance Repair Station, Engine & APU Sales and Leasing, Engine MPA Runs, and Aircraft Engine & APU Borescope Inspections. Their comprehensive services ensure the highest standards of maintenance and repair for various aircraft systems.
Lastly, CAVU AEROSPACE UK provides a range of aviation services, including Logistics, Air Freight, Aircraft Leasing, and Charter Center. These services cater to a wide range of needs in the aviation industry, further establishing CAVU AEROSPACE UK as a comprehensive solution provider in the field.
In conclusion, CAVU AEROSPACE UK is a dynamic and innovative company, continually striving to advance aerospace technology and services since its inception in 2023. Their diverse offerings and commitment to innovation will make them a significant player in the aerospace industry.