CAVU Aerospace UK Ltd


Cubesat NANO-X

NANO-X is a high data rate X-Band transmitter for CubeSats. Utilizing Microchip SmartFusion2 SoC technology, it ensures reliable, high-speed data transmission. With its flash-based radiation immunity and advanced design, NANO-X provides exceptional performance and reliability for demanding satellite communication applications.


X-Transmitter is a fully redundant high data rate X-Band transmitter for satellites. Featuring Microchip SmartFusion2 and IGLOO2 FPGA and SoC, it delivers flash-based radiation immunity and unparalleled reliability. Designed for critical space missions, X-Transmitter ensures robust, high-speed communication with advanced fault-tolerant capabilities.


Cubesat NANO-TTC

NANO-TTC is a compact telemetry and telecommand modem designed for CubeSats. It integrates advanced software-defined radio features within a single package, ensuring reliable communication in space. Powered by Microchip SmartFusion2 SoC, it offers flash-based radiation immunity and robust performance for critical satellite missions.