CAVU Aerospace UK Ltd


The highly reliable optical payload, for capturing high-resolution images from the ground surface and atmospheric phenomena. The s.LDU.345 has been designed to be implementable in a standard 6U CubeSat structure together with other subsystems to allow low – cost Earth observaton.

Optical ConfigurationsValueUnit
GSD 1Height/115000m
Swath Width 22400×GSDm
Swath Length 22000×GSDm
Spectral Bands (panchromatic)400-800nm
Spectral Bands (Bayer RGB)400-520,500-600,570-750nm
Spectral Bands (Mosaic Multispectral)300-450,450-600,600-750,750-1000nm
Aperture Size60mm
MTF 3>0.10-
MTF Temerature Range35±5°C
MTF Platiorm Stability4degree/s
Electrical & Functional ConfigurationsValueUnit
ConnectorNano-D 31P-
Input Voltage12-18V
Power Consumption 410>W
Memory16 (non-volatile)GB
Bit Depth10Bit
SNR 5> 100-
Data InterfaceLVDS+RS422-
Command And Telemetry Interface 6Standard CANv2.0A @500Kbps
Data Transmission Interface 7UART RS485 @6.25Mbps
Frame Rate1FPS
Image Formats 8RAW + JPEG-
Image Compression 8JPEG (10%-100% Quality)-
Attach Upcoming Metadata200Byte
Adjustable ParametersIntegration Time , Frame Rate , Gain, Black Level-
Operational ModesSafe, Real-Time , Playback-
Mechanical & Environmental ConfigurationsValueUnit
Dimensions200 ×100× 100mm
Vibration Resistance Frequency20-2000Hz
Vibration Resistance Amplitude>15Grms
Shock in XYZ Frequency100-10000Hz
Shock inXYZ Amplitude>2000G
EMC/EMIMilitary Grade for Space and Avionics Equipment-
Radiation ResistanceMultilayer Coated (> 100 TD )krad
Thermal ManagementSmart Passive and Active Control with Internal MLI_
Operation Temperature-10 to +50°C
Operation Pressure< 10 torr
Vacuum Outgassing< 10 torr.I/s/cm
Lifetime on Orbit> 2years

1- Virtual for RGB model
2 -1/4 for multispectral model
3 – At Nyquist frequency & aberration free
4 – Measured at 12V & 14W peak
5 – Sun angle 30° and reflectivity 0.1
6 – Space packet protocol CCSDS
7 – ZMODEM protol
8 – RAW~5MB/JPEG (100%)~1MB