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VOM-1010 Condition Monitoring System

The VOM-1010 system is a versatile and reliable solution for condition monitoring of rotating machines. It can collect, process and transmit vibration data to the user’s preferred database via LAN or WAN network, enabling remote and continuous assessment of machine health and performance. It can also be used as a portable data acquisition device without network connection, or as a long-term data logger with a local server.

The VOM-1010 system offers the following features and benefits

• Simultaneous data acquisition from all channels, with configurable number of inputs from 8 to 128 channels
• Ability to define 2 channels as tachometer for speed measurement
• Direct connection to the local network or internet for data transmission to the database, with the option to use any number of devices in the network and increase the number of inputs
• Local display of measured values and status (normal-alarm-trip) for quick and easy monitoring
• Integration of acceleration signal and calculation of velocity and displacement signal for comprehensive vibration analysis
• Calculation of statistical parameters in up to 16 frequency bands for each channel, providing valuable insights into machine condition
• Cut or connect power to the inputs to match different types of sensors, ensuring compatibility and flexibility
• Supply power to the accelerometer sensors with controlled current, enhancing accuracy and stability
• Ability to use the internal battery in case of power outage, ensuring uninterrupted operation
• Display of vibration amplitude and phase history (Trend) RMS, Peak and Peak-Peak in user-defined frequency bands, allowing trend analysis and fault detection
• Amplitude and phase of synchronous rotor vibration (1xRPM) and its integer multiples, revealing rotor balance and alignment issues
• Ability to use native software or LabVIEW or both, depending on the user’s preference and needs
• Ability to use as a portable data acquisition system, offering mobility and convenience

The VOM-1010 system is the result of 8 years of research, development and testing by our experienced and qualified team. It is designed to meet the needs of various industries and applications that require condition monitoring of rotating machines, such as aviation, power generation, automotive, defence, and manufacturing. With the VOM-1010 system, you can eliminate the need for periodic or continuous presence of technicians to collect data from the machines, and instead access and monitor the condition of your machines remotely and permanently from a central location. The VOM-1010 system is the most cost-effective, accessible, and intuitive condition monitoring solution on the market today. Contact us today to find out more about how the VOM-1010 system can help you improve your asset reliability and performance.

VOM-1010 Software

Workstation Software has the following capabilities:
1. Display Trend for amplitude RMS. Peak, peak to peak of signal on determined frequency band.
2. Amplitude and phase of Synchronous rotor vibration
3. Displaying time domain signal.
4. Calculating FFT of signal with capability of averaging
5. Showing shaft position on journal bearing (orbit)
6. Displaying phase diagram.